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Phanwolf happy kiss day Erik x Christine in 2018 t
phanwolf: “happy kiss day- ”. Find this Pin and more on Erik x Christine ...
Erik Christine artwork | OG Lovin' by Muirin007
Christine And Erik by Katikut.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt
Christine and Erik
The sketch of The Phantom and Christine.
Erik et Christine by The-Savage-Nymph.deviantart.com on @deviantART
I drew ALW's Erik! Complete with Leroux Erik's cheekbones. I can't picture him as anything other than cadaverous at this point.
I cannot be stopped. Find this Pin and more on Erik X Christine ...
Erik giving christine a bedtime story 😴🌌🌜📖🛏
Bad Hair Day by Muirin007 Erik absolutely plays with Christine's giant hair all the time. This is a fact.
A wife to take on Sunday walks.
erik and christine
First drawing of the new year (which is fitting, considering I'm me). Christine's crying because she's disgusted at having to kiss Erik.
Erik is dead.Anon ❤ - thank you!!! Even though I try to make him uggo he's still a cute ugly baby in my eyeballs :'))) @therosenpants - Thanks for ...
Christine: Nadir, Why is Erik wet? Nadir: Scissors. Sandbag. Christine: You have responded well.
Phantom of the Opera | Raoul and Christine | All I Ask of You
Love Never Dies, Phantom Of The Opera, Story Ideas, Musicals, Fan Art
Chapter 1 Page 5 - Fantomestein
Nadir being 7000% done with Erik (who is likely high) by Alvadee on tumblr
Hey, Erik. Maybe summer isn't so bad, after all. Based
“He had a heart that could have held the entire empire of the world; and, in the end, he had to content himself with a cellar.” ― Gaston Leroux, The Phantom ...
phanwolf: “ erik: christine! take my beautiful roses like you! christine:
Phantom and Christine… Perhaps on that night when he brought her down to his house on the lake? Poor unhappy Happy Erik… just this once.
Christine and Erik Phantom 1, Phantom Of The Opera, Opera Ghost, Music Of
I hope I wasn't the only twisted creature wanted them together. Find this Pin and more on Erik and Christine ...
Erik has issues. We know it. Nadir knows it. And Christine DEFINITELY knows it. The only person who doesn't know about Erik's issues is Erik.:
Erik/Christine. This comic pretty much sums up their relationship (in the book , anyway)
Yet another interruption by LadyoftheGeneral
phanwolf: “ “Take care of yourself” happy 추석(korean's thanksgiving day)
Image result for phantom of the opera fanart | Art Vol. 4 in 2018 | Pinterest | Phantom of the Opera, Opera and Opera ghost
"Christine Daaé, where is your red scarf? You can't have lost it?" Chibi Erik cuddled up in Christine's scarf...you're welcome. Phantom of the Opera fanart ...
Meg Giry x Christine Daae by ofbeautsandbeasts.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt Megstine from the Phantom of the Opera. Masquerade Star Princess. Kissing
Pull it off like the other one! by ofbeautsandbeasts.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt The Phantom of the Opera fanart featuring Erik and Christine Daae
Erik and Christine by leiaromanova:
Such a heartwarmingly loving mother, wasn't she? Happy Mother's day, phandom!
Oh shizzz it's on, omg the look on Erik and Raoul's faces! Kick his butt, Erik! Lol
Anywho, for those who don't know, he's called Cherik in the "Phandom" due to his actor Charles Dance. (Typically the different Eriks in each version are .
See, this is what LND SHOULD have been
phanwolf: “ erik duuuuuuude! ” Phantom Of The Opera, Love Never Dies,
Erik and Christine doing the Archie and Lily “How Could I Ever Know?”
Erik Destler | POTO in 2018 | Pinterest | Phantom of the Opera, Opera and Opera ghost
Raoul and Christine
Frankenstein's Monster as the Phantom of the Opera (weird but it kinda works) #comics #thedrawingduke
Yes, especially the Leroux Christine. she and Raoul are perfect in their childishness because, really, they are just children. So glad someone finally said ...
Pin by Udi kalmanovitz on UDI-K in 2018 | Pinterest | Phantom of the Opera, Opera and Opera ghost
Pin by The NightFury on Phantom of the Opera in 2018 | Pinterest | Phantom of the Opera, Opera ghost and Opera
PHANTOM OF THE OPERA #1 MAIN TRIO Raoul(his dog Dusty), Christine
Erik carrying the Daroga by ofbeautsandbeasts.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt Phantom of the Opera fanart
A New Home
Tumblr | Phantom of the opera in 2018 | Phantom of the Opera, Opera, Musicals
I love the idea of Erik casually reading about his exploits in the paper and Christine
Gaston Leroux full black mask Erik as requested by …plus a bunch of ALW Eriks just… bopping around as a bonus because I took so long
Have their children if they despise the AmeriCan U Not tour as much as you do
Modern Erik and Christine I was really inspired by « The Measure of a Man » by @rienerose, the e/c dynamic is soooo great!
Erik and Christine. This kinda looks like the Charles Dance Phantom<<<
The Phantom of the Opera - Erik x Christine Daaé
Music Of The Night, Love Never Dies, Fandoms, Pinterest Account, Phantom Of The Opera, Man Crush, Amazing Things, Broadway, Theater
You can feel him by Dralamy on DeviantArt
I mean look at Erik's face>> Christine's face tho... lol
Raaaaage! by Muirin007.deviantart.com on @deviantART
Disney/Dreamworks - Phantom of the Opera - Pitch as the Phantom/Erik, Elsa as Christine Daaé, Jack as Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny, Punzie as Meg Giry, ...
Susan Kay's Phantom --This was such a heart-breaking scene--
The Kiss by elfdust.deviantart.com on @deviantART - Erik and Christine from
phanwolf: “ my son ”
I've mentioned before that I don't hate Raoul at all. I think he's pretty darn adorable, and if you think about it, Raoul and Christine make a darling c.
by cocokat on tumblr // very true Broadway Theatre, Musical Theatre, Charles Dance
They look as if they were out of a storybook. I think it`s a
ancientphantom: “artbecoming: “phanwolf: “raoul's happy tea time ” Oh look
Erik and Christine
Erik and the Daroga Music Of The Night, Love Never Dies, Phantom Of The
phanwolf: “infinite love ”
Erik and Christine by wicked-elegy Musical Theatre, Fanart, Charles Dance, Opera
Kiss after the show ~ EriksDesdemona on deviantART (*sigh*). What others are saying. "Erik and Christine"
This is the sweetest Raoul/Christine fanart I've ever seen! Theatre Geek
phanwolf: “ my son ”
I love POTO and I don't think he's crazy but this is funny Opera
Erik and Christine kissing in the empty Opera corridor Stolen Moments
ryuki garyu
phanwolf: “ I always think ramin's “why am i falling” is erik/christine theme… anybody agree here?
cocokat: “ (Late) inktober day 14: mini Christine???? ”
by cocokat on tumblr // cherik is the best of the best (besides ramin's)
This is perfect
Erik is being a proper creepy Opera Ghost and Raoul is not liking it
bowlersandtophats: “ cocokat: “ all robbie's fault omg i can't not draw erik he's the coolest to draw and there are different versions for when you get ...
Music Of The Night, Phantom Of The Opera
tumblr_nylfc3xbyo1skfxq6o1_500.png (500×741) Opera Ghost, Music Of The Night,
The Phantom of the Opera- Erik in Anime style
The Phantom by Iren Horrors - Buy Print and Stuff (stickers apparel tapestry mugs pillows clocks sheets towels device cases cards shower curtains pouches ...
“It frightens me–” “Don't be frightened…” Day Christine Daae and Meg Giry (Phantom of the Opera)
I made this for FdelOpera as a belated birthday gift and an on-time Christmas
Erik Destler, Christine Daae and Raoul De Chagny.
erik and christine Charles Dance, Music Of The Night, Opera Ghost, Broadway,